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My Fabulous Boys

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Posted by Shash @ 2:52 am | Comments   | November 8, 2005

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Is it Sunday Yet? Please? Hurry!!

Well, it needs to be said: Sunday has now become Must See TV night. My kids are hurried around like a sheepherder on fire hearding sheep into the pen just so I can park my behind on my sofa and be inundated with some of the best shows on television.

We begin with America’s Funniest Home Videos (when it’s on, of course. I REALLY wish Extreme Makeover:Home Edition would quit the two-hour crying fests. I like EMHE, but I need my crying mixed in with a hearty dose of laughter too, you know?); then we segue into Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, because, hey, having built a house with a builder, it never ceases to amaze me that if you get enough people, throw a blue T-shirt at them, and set up a few cameras, you can have a house built in 7 days. Amazing, I tell you.

Now with the kids in bed (at least I hope that’s where they are; it’s where I last left them!), the real TV begins. Ah, Rome… HBO, the best partnership on the planet is between you and the BBC. (originally the best partnership was with me and my hubby, but we’re much less entertaining than this couple.) What a great show. It almost makes me want to get HBO for my in-laws so they too can watch it. Luckily for me, I have Tivo so Desperate Housewives is also taped for later viewing. Although, lately it’s been several days before I watch it, it’s not holding my interest as much as the show that follows it Grey’s Anatomy. Besides the fact the Patrick Dempsey is in it, which in and of itself is wonderful; the stories and subplots and actors that make up this true ensemble cast is fantastic. At Emmy time this show better get mucho recognition or I’m-a gonna be pissed. The music too, is amazing, and I need to mail my sisters-in-law copies of the mix CD I made so they can share in the GA Goodness. Yummy!

Well, I’m off. the hubby made dinner, and it’s family time. I’ll post a photo of my boys shortly. Yesterday was tree climbing and outdoor fun. It was laundry day too, but that doesn’t sound quite as fun. Cya!


Posted by Shash @ 2:23 am | Comments   |

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My Journey Into Blogging Begins!!

So here it is, my first ever entry into a blog. I’m hoping to remember to write about daily stuff, but I’m also a pop culture junkie, so sometimes my opinions about stuff going on get posted here too. We’ll see how it goes. Enjoy!


Posted by Shash @ 6:40 pm | Comments   | November 6, 2005

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