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Ten Days Later, and It’s My Birthday!

I turn thirty-something today. (I’m over 35, and that’s all I’ll cop to.)

Summer Vacation is only for the kids, I’ve been busy doing home projects, and catching up on the laundry I spoke of earlier. In case you are keeping score: Me 1, Laundry 0.

Well, until school starts, anyway. Then it’ll be:

Laundry: 1,000,000 , Me: 0

And all will be right with the world.

So today I’m off to enjoy a little birthday shopping, and a delicious dinner at Bonefish Grill.

Because apparently I need more clothes to launder…

(I’m kidding. HomeGoods and Sephora don’t have clothes….right?)

Posted by Shash @ 3:58 pm | 3 Comments   | June 30, 2007

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Days of Laundry and Nights of Insomnia

I had this notion that once the kids and I were out of school I would FINALLY get caught up on the piles of (clean!) laundry I had on the La-Z-Boy leather chair, the pile of (again, clean!) laundry that was clogging up the works in the basket I use to carry the dry (but clean!) laundry out to to La-Z-Boy (it should be renamed La-Z-Girl), aaaand the laundry that was hung up in the laundry room, but not put away in the proper closets.

(Look! this blog comes complete with run-on sentences! Mrs. Esposito, you must be so proud of your student right now!)

Apparently, this notion thing and I need to have a chat before I send my kids out to play naked. This notion thing is kicking my a$s right now.

Although, today, I am happy to report that I have officially scaled Mount Laundry, stood upon it’s summit, and tore that sucker up. I still have to clean out the laundry room, and there is a new pile of laundry taunting me from the hamper with its dirtyness; but I will resist.

I will post today.


I’m a glutton for punishment. Spiff is coming into his own as of late, and he has a new coterie of friends that he likes to spend time with. Since Sunday mid-morning, I have had daily playmates for both the teenager and the kindergartener; usually at the same time. Then, at least one of them will have one of their friends sleep over. Combine that with the wacky Florida summer afternoons (read: rain, storms, hail, etc.), and you have one tired of entertaining mama.

What am I doing tonight, you ask? Having a sleepover. See the first sentence above, but below the line for reasons.


Have you ever been thinking of so much you want or need to do you can’t get to sleep at night? No? Just me?


I thought I had company there for a second.

Last night I was up until 4 am thinking about all the things I’d like to do or need to do this summer before I go back to work in August. Here’s my abbreviated list:

  • Clean out the garage. Then organize it.

    I think Moses called this the “parting the load of crap that I am too lazy to get rid of the first time”. Oh, Red Sea, you say? Toma-to, To-mah-to.

  • Smash out the cracked tile throughout my house, relay new tile in its place, and regrout in the new tile.

    Sounds simple, right? Not so fast, grasshopper. Brilliant mind that I am, I can no longer find the sheet that tells me, in detail, which grout color goes with which tile color. See, when we built our home 6 years ago, we got all fancy with the standard tile colors and the different grout colors they offered. Now I can’t remember totally which ones go where and what they are called. Also, in several places I have a couple of cracked tiles with pristine tiles around it. Murphy and his damn Laws, I tell you!

  • Clean up the kid’s rooms, and FINALLY get all the junk out of their closets. Then have a fantastic yard sale, where I sell everything and rake in the bucks.

    My insomnia came apparently from giggling about this one for the rest of the night.
    Not. Gonna. Happen. Not today, at least….

Posted by Shash @ 6:19 pm | 1 Comment   | June 20, 2007

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Hello…Is it me you’re looking for?

Come see what we’ve been up to. Go here. Make sure to click the i on the photo for captions!

Don’t forget the SPF!!!

Posted by Shash @ 5:49 am | 1 Comment   |

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Civics Lessons Courtesy of Paris Hilton

(on a side note to the few people who stop by and say hello… HI! I’m still alive and summer is here so that may mean more posting!)

But anyway….

Here at casa CrazedMommy, there is much to be learned from the latest Paris Hilton kerfluffle. For children who are on the Autism Spectrum, it is difficult to understand why someone gets in trouble, and that there are consequences to one’s actions. This happens rather frequently here with Spiff, and he expressed concern just this morning over Paris Hilton’s return to jail.

Spiff: Mom, I feel sorry for Paris Hilton.

Me: Why?

S: Because she has to go back to jail. It’s the sheriff’s fault.

(note: this is typical thinking for an Aspie. They focus only on the immediate reasons and not the bigger picture understanding. It can be very frustrating as a parent)

M: Do you understand why she has to go back to jail?

S: Yes, because the sheriff is making her.

M: No, sweetie. She’s going back to jail because the judge who sentenced her to jail said that she couldn’t serve any of her time under house arrest and the sheriff violated that order by sending her home. Now, the sheriff felt that it was in her best interest to go home, but he violated the judge’s order when he did that. Do you understand why she went to jail in the first place?

S: No, not really.

M: Okay, she was caught driving under the influence of alcohol and had to go to court for that. Her license was suspended. That means she can’t drive a car for a period of time. Once that time was up, she could drive again. She decided that she didn’t have to obey the laws that us non-celebrity folks have to abide by. She was then caught driving her car not once, but twice after her license was suspended. Maybe she thought that she could drive her car, just not while she was drunk; but that’s not what the judge meant. He meant you can’t drive your car at all during the time your license is suspended. The judge didn’t think Paris was taking what he said to her very seriously, so he sentenced her to jail, where she might begin to understand the seriousness of her crime and that she is just like the rest of us and not above the law. Her sentence was reduced to 28 days, but now with all the hullabaloo, she has to spend 40 days in jail. Now do you understand why she has to go to jail?

S: Mom, if she has all of that money, why didn’t she just have someone drive her around so she wouldn’t get in trouble? If I was rich, that’s what I would do.

M: Me too. That’s a good idea.

S: I still feel bad for her, though. She must be so scared.

M: Yes, she probably is. She still shouldn’t have driven on a suspended license though.

S: Yeah. Mom, has your license ever been suspended?

M: Nope.

S: Thank goodness! Because you have to drive us EVERYWHERE!

See, even Paris Hilton can teach kids valuable lessons. (Shocking, I know!) Hopefully this will have an impact on her that she will learn from this experience and turn it into a teachable moment for not only herself, but others.

Or, she’ll play the martyr card. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Posted by Shash @ 4:23 pm | 1 Comment   | June 9, 2007

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