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It’s a Little Chilly Down in Hell Today

because of these…

(And YES, they ARE Crocs!!)
these delicious shoes have changed my life. I wore these to work today and they were like walking on air. With a massage. And I work with kids. Who run. Sometimes away from me. 
And, yes, I love my job.
If you had asked me before today I would have said “Me?, in Crocs? Not a Snowball’s Chance in Hell.”
Well, I guess even snowballs need to try their luck in warmer climes.

They remind me a little of the Candie’s shoes I coveted growing up in the 80′s, and I almost rolled my ankle a few times while walking in them. (Ah, memories!) That said, my feet feel great and I was stylish and lots of people just plain couldn’t believe they were really Crocs. 

I have to wear different shoes tomorrow to work because of P.E., but I really enjoyed wearing them and look forward to many days of Crocs high-heeled shoe wearing bliss.
Oh and for those of you in hell; that snow day? Was on me.
You’re welcome.

I need to thank George G. Smith Jr. from Crocs for the hook-up. At BlissDom, I got a coupon and he took my info and a box arrived at my door. Pretty darn sweet!
Posted by Shash @ 12:21 am | 4 Comments   | February 26, 2009

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Why I Pink Puffy Heart Twitter and Orlando, Florida

So last week I went to a Tweetup here in Orlando. All day long I followed the #otweet hashtag, and was very excited and looking forward to meeting people from Orlando that were on Twitter.

…and I spent the majority of my day explaining to my co-workers what exactly a Tweetup was. That’s kind of difficult when you work in elementary education. Many of my co-workers just found out about Facebook!
I was also really excited to finally meet in person Susan and Melanie. Britt had said so many nice things about them, it was like we’d already met.
Mostly, though, I was psyched to see Britt. I still had her birthday present, so this was a prime opportunity to FINALLY get it back to her.
…except I switched cars and I accidentally left it in the MomVan. Friend FAIL!
So right after work I set off for Orlando, wanting to not get caught up in the traffic (which is EXACTLY what I did!) because I didn’t want to be late to Scruffy Murphy’s.
Which I wasn’t. I was actually the first one there I was told by the waitress. The strange looks from the guys playing pool as I set up shop were kind of a dead giveaway too. I settled into a table in the back, but with a good view of most of the bar so I could see people come in.
People started to trickle in. I could tell who was there for the Tweetup because of the way many kept their phones in their hands and had that look of “Am I at the right place? Where IS everybody?
…I probably had that same look. Seriously.
Now I suppose this would be a good time to tell you a secret. Shhhhh, don’t tell’ll be our little secret…
In crowds, I’m kinda shy. No, Seriously. I am.
But!!! I was there to meet people. So meet people I did. I met all kinds of people, and talked to people and took pictures with people. It was really great to meet in person the people behind the twitters. It was awesome to meet new people too, (Lady_Voip and  SomaCowGeoff, I’m looking at YOU!)
..and Ashley and Carri, you too. You both rocked my world. 
It was nice. It was intimidating. It was perfect.
So, when’s the next one?
This photo is from Miss Britt. To see my photos from the par-tay, click here.
Oh! and I’m on video!! The awesome people from Growing Bolder asked the question “What’s a TweetUp? And we answered.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’m the idiot in the red shirt who “is very excited to be there.” What a doofus!

But I am a doofus that had a great time. :)
Posted by Shash @ 11:39 pm | 4 Comments   | February 23, 2009

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The Beauty of BlissDom09 – what it was, and what it wasn’t (for me)

I had just set up the going to BlissDom09 and procured a bed in a very good friend‘s room when in the Twitterverse I got a message about a post about BlissDom and how it was laced with a Christian based theme and was I ready to be converted? (I’m Jewish, by the way. Surprise!)


I politely replied that if the conference WAS about converting me from Judaism to Christianity that I had been in that position many times before and that it hadn’t worked out real well and I wished those who would try lots and LOTS of good luck.

And I went on my merry way. 
Except the packing part. THAT I waited for until the last minute.
To her credit, Alli Worthington, the founder of Blissfully Domestic, messaged me to talk to me about it and wanted to reassure me that BlissDom was not, in fact, a secret conversion ceremony and that it WAS about connecting with others, bettering your life, your blog, and finding your own personal bliss, WHATEVER that might be.
…Then something about Snuggies was said, and I might have agreed to sell my soul for a Snuggie. Had there been one in my BlissDom swag bag, at that moment I might have agreed to just about anything. Seriously.
But there wasn’t. And I was kinda sad, to tell the truth. I was kind of looking forward to a Snuggie. But there was Crocs, and that might turn out to be better than a Snuggie.
I’ll let you know. They haven’t arrived yet. (They have BOOTS, y’all! Boots!!)
I digress. Sorry, I do that a lot.
But I went to BlissDom. And Alli was right. It was about connecting with others; which I immediately did by helping to put together the swag bags in the meeting area. (No pretense here, they needed some help and many ladies who arrived early rolled up their sleeves and pitched in. It was no big deal, and I think for many it was a good jumping off point to a conference they had never been to and didn’t know what to expect.)
Many women brought their beautiful babies. Many women brought many bags. Many women brought their faith, but it wasn’t a direct part of BlissDom. No one saw the Star of David that hangs around my neck and said “EWWW, What is THAT?” Many thought it was beautiful; and stopped to tell me so. The only religion spoken there was business cards and “do you have one?“.
Oh, and “Have you gone to Room 704 yet?”, but that’s for another post. But if you did go, Did you go to Room 704? If not, you missed out. Seriously. 
The beautiful thing about BlissDom was the intimacy of it, the smaller numbers may have reminded those who went to the first BlogHer in California in ’06 of that small gathering where it was about the camaraderie of “We all have THIS in common” and the common thread we all share. While yes, there were panels about how to better your blog, your journal, and what to do to try for that book deal you are dreaming about; the undercurrent of it was more about sharing a common bond and less about who is sponsoring this shindig. 
Although, those Little Debbie 100 Calorie Snacks? GENIUS. I guarantee that more attendees remember those snack cakes more than they remember Wal-Mart was one of the sponsors. (It’s all about product placement, y’all. And those snacks? Came in EXTREMELY handy during the day, is what I’m sayin’.)
Also? The Geek Squad was there!! And, although they told me my laptop I brought to BlissDom was on its last legs (it really is); they were the nicest, sweetest, kindest people you could ever meet. They even came up to me on the second day to ask if my computer was still experiencing the same problems they had found the day before (it was). Customer Service? They haz it!
I know, the digression. It’s a sickness. *AHEM*
People bonded. There were introductions made and friendships created that will last a lifetime. Many people who might have been afraid to take the plunge this summer to go to BlogHer are planning to make the pilgrimage to Chicago now that they have been to a Blogging Conference and seen what it is like. Many people danced on bars and spent time in fancy cars. Others had dinners with new forever friends and listened to the words of wisdom of Claude. Others will not forget being stuck in an elevator, and the men of BlissDom, some who performed and some who wanted to participate because they belonged there just as much as the women did.
It was spiritual after a fashion. Yes, it
So, Alli, when you are done Bedazzling my Snuggie, feel free to send it on down. Thanks.
P.S. I met lots of wonderful people. I’ll put up a blogroll in a posting in a few days (Thanks, White Trash Mom for this fantastic idea. You are the awesomest!) with all the lovely people I met. I’m still unpacking, and will need to gather my thoughts as well as my stack of business cards. Thanks, and I love you all!
Also, thanks to those who’s pictures I “borrowed” from the BlissDom09 Flickr pool. There should be links going back to your photos and the streams. If you have some time, go check them out. Lots and lots of lovely photos taken by some fabulous women and men!
Posted by Shash @ 5:38 am | 13 Comments   | February 15, 2009

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Look! Blissdom Pictures!

In my defense, I have yet to unpack. 

Nothing says “Blogger FAIL” more than just throwing up some photos and  saying TA-DA!!!
So without further ado:
BlissDom ’09: In Pictures
I have a post. It’s actually a good one. Let me fine tune it (i.e.:get some more sleep) and I’ll post it. Stay tuned.
Posted by Shash @ 11:50 pm | 3 Comments   | February 11, 2009

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There was NO Grace in Today

Wow, did today royally suck. To Wit:

  1. It rained. Which in and of itself is not suck-worthy, we need the rain. However, anyone who has attended, worked, or walked into a Florida school it is not built for rainy days. All classroom doors open out to open-air walkways, and the overhangs drip water where they are not quite connected. Oh, and if the wind is just right, you’re getting soaked. Good times.
  2. (just in case you were wondering, the wind was just right today.)

  3. Monday’s are usually incredibly hectic. True to form, today was no exception.  
  4. Rainy days seem to bring out the worst in the kids. If I had a dime for all the times I heard “You’re so MEAN!!!” today, I’d be a flippin’ millionaire. 
  5.  A child had an accident in his pants today. It was quite a poopy mess. And yes, it was disgusting. I had to suppress the gag reflex. I barely succeeded. 
  6. The teacher and I flipped a coin to determine who was going to clean it up. Guess who lost? Go on, guess…
  7. Both of my children had something in their backpack/notebook from a teacher requesting a conference… a chat… blood. I spoke to no less than TWO teachers today after school, and just received an email to have a chat with another “as soon as I can, please.” So now I’m reminding one to PLEASE, PLEASE with all that is Holy put your first and last name on ALL of your papers!! and trying not to kill the other one because he is currently being taken over by teenage hormones and is not thinking clearly. At ALL. And I don’t mean the chasing girls kind. I mean the losing your sh*t kind. In class. At a teacher. Losing. His. Mind. So now Mommy gets to lose hers. Go, me!
So please, I beg you, HELP ME find the Grace in today. Because I’m really trying, and it’s not showing itself. 
I need guidance. Show me the way out of the poop. I’d be eternally grateful.
Posted by Shash @ 12:47 am | 5 Comments   | February 3, 2009

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