Because teenage angst is not only reserved for teenagers

August 13, 2009

Dear ex-friend of Spiff,

Yep, I saw you today. I saw you scowl at my son, like he had done something terrible to you instead of the other way around. He has been nothing but a good friend to you, worried about your happiness and just simply wanting to be your friend. You have said many mean things to him, and all he says is “Oh, she’s just grouchy today”. Or “moody”.


I’m sad. I’m disappointed. I don’t expect you to always be friends, but I was kind of hoping that he would have one friendly face in the crowd; one person that could be his touchstone while he figures out the new school, the new schedule, the new everything.

It’s not going to be you.

Okay. Just do me a favor, ok? Leave middle school in the past and let the others get to know him before you tell them how you feel about him. Give him a chance to meet other people and make some new friends so he will finally do what you clearly want him to: Leave you alone.

Besides, we didn’t want to sit next to you anyway. So there.


Spiff’s Mom

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Posted by Shash @ 3:11 pm  

4 Responses to “Because teenage angst is not only reserved for teenagers”

  1. Nanna Says:

    Oy. I’ve been there. I’m imnpressed you said it here, and not right there. With an accompanying kick.
    .-= Nanna´s last blog ..“Get Up and Play An Hour A Day” =-.


  2. Anissa@FreeAnissa Says:

    Aww, sweetie. I’m gonna go get my cuttin’ knife and i’ll be ready. K?
    .-= Anissa@FreeAnissa´s last blog ..Eat ice cream = help sick kids. JUST that simple =-.


  3. Poppy Says:

    The reason she does that is because she has issues of her own where she doesn’t know how to handle situations outside of her comfort zone. She doesn’t know how to move on from middle school. She doesn’t see the same reality as your son. People can fool themselves into believing they have no ownership in the outcome of a bad situation.

    I think you are a great mother to vent for your son. I think it’s sad he has one less friend to count on. I also think it’s sad this lost friend has not mastered basic coping skills for handling life. That won’t go well for her.
    .-= Poppy´s last blog ..I like colors, they are colorful =-.


  4. veep veep Says:


    Not there yet already not loving how school kids can be to each other..
    .-= veep veep´s last blog ..Dream A Little Dream =-.


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