Sometimes A Change Can Do You Good

September 10, 2009

Wow, so the last time I updated was the first day of school?

Apparently I’m a very bad blogger. And I guess I need to be punished…

And at the beginning of this school year, I thought I was being punished. I was going from one position into another, one that was not what I had been doing for the past three years.

And I have loved what I have been doing for the past three years. It’s been very rewarding. I have learned so much, and I have had awesome opportunities.

But I wasn’t given much of a choice. I mean, I was given a choice, but it wasn’t a good choice. Especially since I knew I should have been given at the very least a opportunity of another choice. So I guess it wasn’t the choice I was expecting. So I thought I was being punished, but I had no idea for what.


So I started my new job at the school. And I found that I was actually very good at it. It was very comfortable. More importantly I enjoyed it.

I had looked at it from the outside in and thought “I could never do that.” “I don’t think I could do that job as well as the people currently doing it“.

(My subconscious rushes me back 20 years ago when I was just graduating high school and at the 11th hour I thought I wasn’t cut out for teaching. I panicked then. I took a road that has led me here to where I am today, but I have done myself a huge disservice. It still stands as one of my biggest regrets. But I had the exact same thoughts then.)

So this time I start in a new job. I give it 110%. I listen. I watch. I learn. And quickly I realize this is where I belong. For now.

Probably for awhile. A long while.

The point was driven home yesterday when the team I work with flawlessly handled a life threatening situation. Flawlessly. It could have gone a hundred different ways, and not many of them good. But because of our quick thinking, communication, and ability to read each other and give each other what the other person needed in that moment, we saved someone’s life.

That was huge.

It was a sign. Earlier in the day, I had been offered an opportunity to go back into my preferred line of work. I turned it down. I’m not going to lie, I second guessed that decision for several hours afterward. Mostly because I wanted to go back into the classroom. I love working with the children. It was what I had hoped for all summer. And when I knew this opportunity was going to present itself, many people were telling me that I was right to be patient, that good things come to those who wait.

I realized that they were right. But not in the way they meant.

I’m right where I belong. And I love it.

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Posted by Shash @ 8:27 pm  

6 Responses to “Sometimes A Change Can Do You Good”

  1. Hilly Says:

    I am so glad you found a place where you belong…that makes me smile for you. :)
    .-= Hilly´s last blog ..Project 2,996 – Remembering John Andreacchio… =-.


  2. Frelle Says:

    I had never visited your blog before & this was a fantastic first post to read! What an encouragement to have had this situation confirm your decision & give you peace about what you’re doing!


  3. Karen Sugarpants Says:

    that’s awesome! good for you shash…i’m very happy for you!
    .-= Karen Sugarpants´s last blog ..And Where He Goes I’ll Swallow* =-.


  4. Krystal Says:

    It is interesting how life throws different things at us and we are always hesitant and stand-off-ish about them but after some time, it turns out that the changes were for the better and given the opportunity to return to what once was, we decide to stay where we are at. I know that I feel that way about my children and their uniquenesses – although it is hard, I wouldn’t have them or my life, any other way. AWESOME POST!
    .-= Krystal´s last blog ..RSS Links Widget =-.


  5. Joel Says:

    Please e-mail us, we’d like to share your story on


  6. amy Says:

    I can so relate to this post.

    Through university I was convinced I wanted to be a teacher but then got cold feet and took another route. Today I am a teachers assistant after spending many years working with special needs individuals. I love what I do :)


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