Teacher’s Notes

October 21, 2009

The job I am in now is very different from where I have been. Now I am at the epicenter of the school and each day I learn new things. Things that had I known as a parent when my eldest was in elementary school I might not have done half of them and probably drove the staff and teachers secretly nuts.

You probably are too and just don’t realize it.

I’m here to help.

Did you know?

You shouldn’t call the school and tell them your child is going to be out that day. The day they return send them in with a signed and dated note explaining the absence. Unless your child has the H1N1, then call because you will need classwork for him/her to do.This way they are caught up when they return to school. However, that being said…

If you call for your child’s homework, give it at least 24 hours before you go pick it up. A teacher’s day is jam packed with all kinds of stuff they have to do and gathering your child’s classwork they are missing is not part of the daily plan. However, they will gladly do this for you, but not immediately. They definitely thank you for your understanding.

Your child must be fever-free without medication for over 24 hours before they can return to school. So if little Susie spikes a fever at 3am and you give her Tylenol, you’d better be ready to stay home the next day with her. Nine times out of ten the school Nurse will be calling you to come pick her up anyway. Scientific Fact.

Head lice can happen to anyone, even you. Hey, I have a handy tip to help keep those pesky bugs out of your life. Ready? Use gel in your child’s hair. Hair spray? More, please. Lice hate hair products, so the more you remember to use them, the less likelier you will have to deal with head lice. So next time Johnny wants a fauxhawk in his hair, do it! Now, excuse me, because all this talk of head lice is making my head itch.

Yours too? Yeah, there’s another scientific fact for you. I’l be here all week. Enjoy the veal.

The highest percentage of phone calls I field begin with “Someone just called me from here.” Folks, a school is BIG. Lots and LOTS of phones dial in and out all the time. Caller ID is great, but chances are whomever called you used an internal line and it kicks to the front office when you call it back. The people in the front office have no idea who called you. So I offer this one piece of advice: Check your messages first before you call back. If a teacher or staff member is calling, they will most likely leave a message. This will help us help you better when you return the call. Also? If your child likes to call you to have you bring them lunch, or lunch money, or whatever, remind them to leave you a message. That helps the front office expedite your call enormously. /soapbox

We are now a few months into school, and the kids pretty much know how to get around the school campus. Parents, you no longer need to walk them to class, even if they are tardy. Let’s be honest, walking them to class is more for you now than it is for them. It’s time to let them walk to class on their own. They can do it. I promise. Let them. They like to show us how grown up they are.

Please, please, PLEASE do NOT send your child to school with a soda in their lunch. For so many reasons, but mostly because the chances of another student stealing it are rather high. If you are doing that (and sending in candy as well), it’s a pretty safe bet we know how you feel about your child’s teacher. Warm fuzzies optional.

The most important thing you need to know? If you are bringing McDonald’s to school for your child to eat at lunch with you? Make sure you bring some for those kind, friendly front office clerks that greet you with a smile everytime you come through the door. It would be greatly appreciated ;)

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Posted by Shash @ 3:55 pm  

9 Responses to “Teacher’s Notes”

  1. Melanie (Modern Mami) Says:

    Awesome tips Miss Shari! I would have thought calling in when they’re not coming was a must!
    .-= Melanie (Modern Mami)´s last blog ..Working Fathers Feel Same Pressure as Working Moms =-.


  2. Janet Says:

    Good tips. Our school does require us to call in when a child is going to be out and then send a note when they return.

    I would add to remember the front office and nurse office staff – they deal with some really hard stuff (e.g. when they had to call 911 for my daughter last week). It took the cooperation of both groups for a successful outcome. I still owe both groups some food (perhaps a cookie cakes?!)


  3. nanc Says:

    5 minutes for mom special needs didn’t get the right day for prematurity awareness. i was a little saddened since our disability is because of prematurity…. Can we get the date changed?


  4. Tubreuctgueta Says:

    Lots of folks write about this topic but you said really true words.


  5. Melissa Says:

    My LO isn’t school-aged yet but I’ll be sure to keep these in mind. And I never would have guessed about the lice thing!


  6. amy Says:

    Great advice!

    Here though calling in if son/daughter is sick is mandatory and if you don’t you get a snooty call informing you that you should have :(


  7. cece Says:

    Hi! I just found your site through Bossy! I am a special Education teacher in New Mexico now. I moved from NY and taught school there for many years. Now I am a Program Manager and work with Adults with disabilitties. Nice to meet you.
    .-= cece´s last blog ..Cookies Can Cure Cancer? =-.


  8. janny226 Says:

    These tips are awesome. Gonna link to them from my blog. Thanks!
    .-= janny226´s last blog ..Why Not Make Him Class Pet? =-.


  9. designHer Momma Says:

    You have the best tips! I thought it would be heplful if I called in the “day of”, so they made sure I wasn’t knee deep n a snow drift dying – but picking up homework the next day makes sense!
    .-= designHer Momma´s last blog ..It’s Snowing! Hurry up – Get your Milk, Bread and Eggs ready! =-.


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